Peer-reviewed academic journals

My research aims to build bridges and cross-fertilisation between the fields of accounting, environmental management and conservation sciences. This interdisciplinary positioning leads me to publish in journals read by these different research communities.

Feger, C., Levrel, H., Rambaud, A., 2022. Three complementary accounting methods to put ecological issues at the heart of public affairsRevue Française de l’Administration Publique. 2022/3 N° 183 | pages 815 à 829. PDF (French)  

Feger, C., Gaudin, A., Sulistyawan, S.B. 2021.Four steps for a strategic approach in ecosystem-centered accounting: The example of an Early Warning System against deforestation in Borneo. Responsible Organization Review. 16 (2), pp 38-50. PDF (French – original text)      PDF (English)

C. Feger, L. Mermet. 2021. Advances in accounting for biodiversity and ecosystems: a typology focusing upon the environmental results imperative. Accounting-Auditing-Control, 27 (1), pp.13-50. Best Paper Award 2021 from the French Accounting Association. PDF (En)   PDF (French)

C. Feger, L. Mermet. 2022. New Business Models for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management Services: An Action Research With a Large Environmental Sector Company. Organization and Environment, Vol 35, Issue 2, pp. 252–281. PDF.  BLOG

Sulistyawan, S. B., Feger, C., Mckenzie, E., Gallagher, L., Verweij, P. A., Verburg, R. (2019). Towards more effective landscape governance for sustainability: the case of RIMBA corridor, Central Sumatra, Indonesia. Sustainability Science, 14 (6). PDF

C. Feger et al. 2019. Four priorities for new links between conservation science and accounting research. Conservation Biology, 33 (4), pp.972-975. PDF

C. Feger, L. Mermet. 2017. A blueprint towards accounting for the management of ecosystems. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 30 (7), pp.1511 – 1536. PDF

Levrel, H., Cabral, P., Feger, C., Chambolle, M., et Basque, D. 2017. How to overcome the implementation gap in ecosystem services? A user-friendly and inclusive tool for improved urban managementLand Use Policy. 68, pp. 574-84

Levrel H., Cabral P., Feger C., Chambolle M. (2016). L’usage de la cartographie des services écosystémiques pour faciliter les débats et les arbitrages dans les politiques d’aménagement du territoire : l’exemple de Bordeaux Métropole. Sciences, eaux & territoires. 21, pp. 70-74. PDF

Cabral, P., Feger, C., Chambolle, M., Basque, D., Levrel, H. (2016). Assessing the impact of land-cover changes on ecosystem service : A first step toward integrative planning in Bordeaux, France. Ecosystem Services. 22 (Part B), pp 318–327. PDF

Feger, C., Cabral, P., Basque, D., Levrel, H., Chambolle, M. 2015. Grand cycle de l’eau, évaluation des services écosystémiques et aménagement du territoire : Retour d’expérienceRevue Techniques Sciences Méthodes. N° 9-2015, pp. 57-67. PDF

Townshend, T., Fankhauser, S., Matthews, A., Feger, C., Liu, J., Narciso, T. 2011. Legislating Climate Change on a National Level. Environment. 53 (5), pp. 5–16. PDF

Working papers and conference proceedings

C. Feger, Laurent Mermet. Negotiating new commitments and contributions for the ecological transition: An introduction to an ‘Accounting for the management of ecosystems’ model. 12th interdisciplinary perspectives on accounting, Jul 2018, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Abstract 

Rambaud. A, Feger, C. Apports et rapports mutuels de la gestion et de l’écologie politique : essai d’articulation par la comptabilité. Colloque Penser l’écologie politique – Sciences sociales et interdisciplinarité. 13 et 14 janvier 2014, Paris. pp. 60-64 PDF

Specialized journals for the general public

Rambaud, A., Feger, C. Une brève introduction au modèle CARE et à la comptabilité écosystème-centrée. Horizons Publics. Mars-avril 2022, n° 26, 50-57. PDF     Manuscrit

Rambaud, A., Feger, C. 18 juin 2020. Transformer nos systèmes comptables pour se réorganiser avec ce qui compte (vraiment). The ConversationPDF

Feger, C. (2011). Écosystèmes recherchent financements. Alternatives Internationales, Hors-Série n° 9. PDF

Book chapters

Bebbington, J., Cuckston, T., Feger, C. 2021. Biodiversity. In J. Bebbington, C. Larrinaga, B.O’Dwyer, I. Thomson (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Environmental Accounting, pp. 377–387. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge. PDF

Hamel, P., Mancebo, F., Feger, C., Hamel, S. (2019). Cities: incorporating natural capital into urban planning. In L. Mandle, Z. Ouyang, J. Salzman and G. C. Daily (Eds.), Green Growth that Works. Natural capital policy and finance mechanisms around the world, pp. 274–294. Island Press. Abstract

Sukhdev, P., Feger, C. (2012). The Economics of Nature. Business Standard India 2012. Delhi : Business Standard Books. PDF

Expertise and reference documents

Some of my work takes the form of methodological guides or expert reports based on my research and aimed at different communities of practitioners (conservation NGOs and users of ecosystem assessment tools, companies, think-tanks, public actors, etc.).

Feger, C., Levrel, H., Rambaud, A. November 2021. Ecological Accounting : How to organize information for biodiversity conservation decision and action at the national, business and ecosystem levels? Chaire Comptabilité Écologique & AgroParisTech, Paris, France. Paper prepared for the NGFS-INSPIRE expert group on “Central banking and supervision in the biosphere” . PDF input paper)    PDF (final NGFS-INSPIRE report)

Rambaud, A., Feger, C. April 2020. Method 3–Comprehensive Accounting with Respect to Ecology (CARE) model. In Improving nature visibility in financial accounting. Capitals Coalition. PDF (extended version)

Gallagher, L., McKenzie, E., Feger, C., Sinnott, E., Mermet, L., Vira, B. October 2017. Creating successful valuing nature initiatives: A guide to analysing local context and developing strong theories of change. Luc Hoffmann Institute, Gland, Switzerland. PDF

Feger, C., Mermet, L., McKenzie, E., Vira, B. March 2017. Improving Decisions with Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Information: A Theory-based Practical Context Diagnostic for Conservation. Technical Background Paper, University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute. 60 p.   PDF    BLOG post #1   BLOG post #2  Series of tutorial Videos

Mermet, L., Feger, C. Novembre 2016. Forest Restoration Accountabilities and Monitoring. A context diagnostic study to assess the potential for relevant monitoring tools in the RENAISSANCE project, Philippines. Report produced for the French Development Agency (AFD).

Townshend, T., Fankhauser, S., Feger, C., Liu, J., Narciso, T. (Avril 2011). GLOBE Climate Legislation Study. GLOBE International and the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. 270 p. PDF

Feger, C., Pirard, R. 2011. Assessing funding needs for biodiversity: Critical issues. Synthèses/Policy Brief. 06/2011, IDDRI, 4 p PDF

Research reports

Some of the research reports cited below were produced as part of field courses conducted in France and internationally (see notably the module Evaluation of an International Environmental Project of the Advanced Master FNS-MI). Each project involved the development of research partnerships, the definition of a study topic, the coordination of a team of about fifteen students, and the scientific co-supervision of field surveys and analysis work. Each project resulted in a strategic environmental management analysis, presented during restitution events to the partners and then the writing of reports by the students.

Feger C. (Dir.), Gaudin A. (Dir.), Bigard C. (Dir.), et al. 2021. Diffuser l’agroécologie en Camargue : Quelles perspectives ?  Montpellier : AgroParisTech. En collaboration avec la Tour du Valat. 96 p. PDF (partie 1 à 4)

Feger C.(Dir.), Gaudin A. (Dir.), Bigard C. (Dir.), et al. 2021. Soin des tortues marines en Méditerranée camarguaise : Rôle, périmètre et potentiel dans la conservation des espèces et de leurs milieux. Montpellier : AgroParisTech. En collaboration avec le CNRS/RTMMF, la SHF et le CestMed. 116 p. PDF

Feger, C. (Dir.), Gaudin, A. (Dir.) et al. 2019. Developing an ecological corridor in the Katingan Kahayan landscape (Borneo, Indonesia): A social science-based contribution to the project’s baseline diagnostic. Montpellier : AgroParisTech. En collaboration avec WWF-Indonésie. 140 p. PDF (Premières pages rapport);     Vidéo Témoignage étudiants ;   Podcast (avec L.Mermet)

Yeo, R.N., Feger, C. Octobre 2019. Diagnostic stratégique des dispositifs de gestion mis en œuvre dans le cadre du programme Grande Muraille Verte. Labex DRHIIM, OHMi Tessékéré. Fiche de synthèse

Feger, C. (Dir.), Gaudin, A. (Dir.), Aderghal, A. (Dir.), Smektala, G. (Dir.), Romagny, B (Dir.), et al. (2018). Étude socio-environnementale de la gestion des cédraies dans le Haut Atlas oriental (Maroc).  Montpellier : AgroParisTech. En collaboration avec la FLSH de l’Université Mohammed V de Rabat ; l’ENFI Rabat-Salé (ENFI) ; l’IRD. 169 p. PDF

Feger, C. (Dir.), Gaudin, A. (Dir.), Leroy, M. (Dir.), et al. 2017. Les projets d’agroforesterie dans la zone d’Iracoubo (Guyane). Une réponse socio-environnementale au développement agricole et énergétique ? Montpellier, Kourou : AgroParisTech. 56 p. PDF

Feger, C. 2008. Les pesticides en France : acteurs et trajectoire d’une controverse sociotechnique. Rapport technique, Cemagref Montpellier. 141 p

PhD thesis

Feger, C. 2016. « Nouvelles comptabilités au service des écosystèmes. Une recherche engagée auprès d’une entreprise du secteur de l’environnement ». Doctorat en sciences de gestion, Paris : AgroParisTech. Sous la direction de L. Mermet. PDF

Epilogue : Plaidoyer pour une approche comptable de la question écologique. Texte extrait de Feger, C. 2016. « Nouvelles comptabilités au service des écosystèmes. Une recherche engagée auprès d’une entreprise du secteur de l’environnement ». Doctorat en sciences de gestion, Paris : AgroParisTech. PDF

Teaching cases and training materials

The teaching case method is particularly used in management sciences (most often on business strategy cases). Inspired by these approaches, we have co-written two cases that focus on collective and strategic management of ecosystems and ecosystem-centric accounting issues. I use these two cases regularly in my teaching.

Mermet, L., Feger, C. 2017. « “Last chance for the mossy forests !” A case in strategic environmental management ». Teaching and training case PDF (extract)

Feger, C., Bouni, C., Narcy, J-B. 2016. « L’avenir incertain des écosystèmes de la vallée de la Brême ». Cas pédagogique et de formation. PDF (extrait)

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