My research work is at the crossroads of three innovation fronts crucial for the renewal of forms of collective governance of ecosystems:

  • the design of new ecological accounting frameworks for the strategic and inter-organisational management of ecosystems (see here) ;
  • the involvement of the private sector in the protection of biodiversity and natural capitals  (see here) ;
  • the development of innovative information tools on ecosystems, and the analysis of their social, political and institutional dimensions (see here)

By choosing management sciences as my main discipline, I have chosen to consider ecosystems not only as ecological objects, but also as particular forms of collective organisations in the making that need to be enriched, transformed or brought into being in order to obtain results in terms of conservation (on such a perspective, see for example this video, and more broadly all the work in Strategic Analysis of Environmental Management, cf L. Mermet’s website).

This managerial and organisational reading of biodiversity protection issues, far from closing the door to other disciplines – ecology, economy, law, philosophy, etc. – on the contrary, provides them with a space for crystallisation, which has the particularity of giving a predominant place in the analysis to collective action.

My research is based on the development and testing of conceptual frameworks in operational situations of change management for ecosystems. This work is carried out using research-intervention methods in collaboration with private or public partners.

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